Become a County Contact

A county contact is important to networking each county together across the state for the Lord’s purposes. Part of the responsibility would be to gather historical information about that county to contribute to the Jefferson City Prayer Center for effectual prayer.

Another responsibility would be to help connect the prayer groups and churches in the county to an overall state vision toward Jesus Christ and His purposes in the government, education, family life, culture, and spiritual life of Missouri.

If you would like more information about becoming a county contact for your county, please contact us.

Missouri Prayer “County Leaders” Requirements & Expectations

  1. Must be in agreement with Missouri Prayer’s mission and vision statement.
  2. Must mobilize prayer for their assigned territory.
  3. Develop a network of churches, ministries, individuals in your county through relationship.
  4. Must have someone on the team with a mapping gift.
  5. Uncover the spiritual strongholds over your county and the Godly spiritual roots.
  6. Develop a mailing list and share it with Missouri Prayer.
  7. Provide training opportunities as leaders as well as inviting the Regional and State leaders to impart vision and advanced training.
  8. Develop consistent prayer schedules for everyone to attend.
  9. Must be connected and in relationship with Missouri Prayer and submissive to state and regional leaders and follow leadership protocol.
  10. Must be in alignment with Network Ekklesia International. (NEI)
  11. Equip the body of Christ by recognizing and releasing their gifts and callings for the purpose of bringing them into maturity in our sphere of authority.
  12. Be Spirit Led and committed to support Missouri Prayer with their time, prayer &  monetary gifts.

Network Ekklesia International is a newly formed apostolic network led by Apostle Dutch Sheets, whose vision Is “Awakening in our Day” and “Transformation in our Lifetime”.

Jesus used the Greek word ekklesia, that is translated church, meaning a people of God “called out” from the world. To the Greeks, ekklesia meant an assembly of people set apart to govern the affairs of a state or nation. To the Romans, it meant a group of people sent in to a conquered region to alter the culture until it became like Rome. They infiltrated government, social structure, language, schools, etc. until everyone talked and acted like Romans. To us, as the “called out” church of God, it speaks of our authority in prayer, decree, and spiritual legislation to change the atmosphere over regions, cities, and society to align with heaven. This is not the ‘church’ many of us grew up with, but it is the church God meant us to be.

As the church starts praying with authority it will begin taking back the schools, cities, and governmental institutions that have operated, for too long, without acknowledging God’s supremacy.