Glory Gate Conference – April Prophetic Words

Recorded at Glory Gate Conference, Columbia, MO, April 18-20, 2013

(Regina Shank) We want the presence of God & not the programs of men.

(Clay Nash) The seed that you sow will leave your hand but it will never leave your future.

(Regina Shank) Lift up your heads you gates & be lifted up you ancient doors. The King of Glory is coming in here.

Open your heart and give The Lord your bitterness. He will give you sweet honey love.

 (Enos Chamberlain) The Lord our God is arising.

Heaven & earth have aligned in this place & you will see what you didn’t see. Look for the extraordinary.

(Regina Shank) The bowls are full in heaven. Our prayers have filled the bowls & they are being turned over & the thundering & lightning of God are coming & they are going to strike the mark.

(Dutch Sheets) We are going to win this war.

( Enos Chamberlain) The Lord says the gate of hell shall not prevail against my ekklesia. And He also says that I am giving keys of the Kingdom. And He is releasing today the key of David. David was a servant king, And He says today that the Master’s servant  will wear the key around his neck. So wear the kind of servanthood that will have the authority to lock and unlock doors of the house, says the Lord. The Lord says that my servants, my disciples will be known by how they love one another, for He is releasing that key of servanthood, that key of David.

(Clay Nash) And the Lord said, one of the keys is that my body has become fragmented. My ministry leaders have become set against each other through misunderstanding . For the misunderstandings begin when you begin to guard your gift with your heart, rather than guarding your heart with your gift. But the Lord said, I’m rising up something new within your heart. Be healed, be healed, be healed. Put down those offensives and quit guarding your gift with your heart, for I gave you that gift, called you to be as you are. But I’ve given you the ability to guard your heart with your gifting, says the Lord, and not your gifting with your heart. What would you guard that I have given to you? Why would you seek to guard it? Man cannot take it away from you. Man cannot infringe upon what I’ve called you to be. But from this day forth, be sure that you labored in my heart by guarding your gift and not your heart, says the Lord.

(Diane Chamberlain) And I just heard a sound coming down from heaven. It was a sound of victory. My people are victorious  and my people are triumphant, says the Lord. But God says too many times we let the spirit of chaos and confusion come in our mist. This is a time to watch against that spirit of chaos and confusion . For God says the enemy is a legalist trying to come in any open door. But God said as believers we cannot give him an open door. For miscommunications that will try to come in now to try to bring about miscommunications and confusion to try to get us in a flurry, up and down. But God says it’s time that we set the enemy straight, and we let him know we no longer walk in trivial things. We have to be those that are mature, and we walk in maturity.  We walk as strong people; we walk with the Spirit of the Lord behind us. It is no longer to walk in feelings and emotions. God says,  it’s time we don’t let those guide us and lead us. We walk in the spiritual realm; we walk in the spirit of God. We walk as we are supposed to be, as soldiers, being triumphant, being strong, being victorious. But God calls us to rise. This is the time to rise. We are the time to rise. The light is shining on us. Isaiah 60 says, ” it is time to rise.” and God said the light is showing up on you, and the world should see us as strong and unified in this hour. So it is time for unity, not division.  But God says, I hear those angels sounding, you are triumphant and you are victorious. God says, it’s time that we realize, that we recognize it in the Spirit, says the Lord. 

(Regina Shank) And I heard the Lord say, ” Let it go. Let it go whatever it is. It’s called pride and offense.  Let it go. You know, God says humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, and I will exalt you. If we begin to exalt ourselves, then we will be put down. But the Lord says, “If we will let it go, he will be the one who brings us forward and brings us up.” We have got to let go of pride, offense, and judgment in the body of Christ. How many of you have been judged by other believers? Come on you know who you are. Alright, let’s forgive and go on. Judgment belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m not talking about discernment, I’m talking about judgment. And the Lord wants us to let that go. So how many know you need to let something go today? if you don’t want to raise your hand, you don’t have to, but some  of you know you need to. Let’s just do that right now. i want you to say with me, ” Lord Jesus, I let it go. I ask your forgiveness for my pride, and I humble myself today and I put myself in your hands. You’re the one that guards me, and I let go of offense I forgive everybody that’s ever hurt me and I choose life, and I choose love. Teach me how to love in the name of Jesus, Amen.”

The Lord showed me a vision one day, and there was this judgment bench and people were sitting behind it, and I said, Lord what’s this, and he said ” people are taking my place all the time. They are judging one another. I’m the judge! Then He overthrew that whole thing, that whole court room that we have set up to judge people. And he said, ” the only court you are supposed to be in is my court. ” and so we come to the courts of the Lord today and we say, “Lord you are in charge, we aren’t.” and just get yourself off the judgment seat. You are not to judge others so let go. Let go. We are all human. I find that out every day. How about you? So you know what the Bible says in Psalms 24, “Who may ascend the hill of the Lord, and who may dwell in the holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart does not lift his soul to an idol or swear by what is false. “ And you know, that’s what we have to do. Prepare ourselves in order to open this gate wide for the King of kings and the Lord of lords. This next verse says lift up your heads you gates, but it is by those who have clean hands and a pure heart who can  ascend the hill of the Lord and have the authority to do so. But you know what? You just came up higher in your authority because you forgave and you let go. Thank you Lord. And the Lord says to you, right here. “ I’m going to make up the years that the locust have eaten,  the canker worm” he said “it’s like it’s over but the Lord says it’s not over until I say it’s over. and he says, ” I’m bringing restoration into your life, total restoration.”  think about how wonderful it could be, he said its greater than that. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen.

( Clay Nash) The foundation of and apostle and the prophet upon the cornerstone upon Jesus Christ. The Lord said my apostles are my cloud by day. My prophets are my fire by night. The Lord said, so when that foundation isn’t sure then I will release my glory and heaven will touch earth. The Lord said get ready for what was spoken by the man of God last night for unusual miracles will begin to be known in the earth. Unusual miracles will begin to be seen, things that cannot be denied, said the Lord.  For it shall not be done by the hands of one man or one woman, that they might build the ministry around my manifestation, but it shall come corporately, says the Lord. For I’m doing things outside of the walls that are astounding those that are seeing it.  For I am trying to seek those that have a hunger but not yet know what they are hungering for. They do not yet know what they need. They think they shall find it in books of learning. They think they shall find it in association with groups, but the Lord said, I’m coming with unusual miracles and as I come with unusual miracles, spiritual eyes will be open to those who are blind, and I shall set in motion a wave that will sweep across this nation. For it will come out of the heartland; it will come out of the Mississippi basin; it shall sweep to the west;  it shall sweep to the east; it shall sweep to the south; then it shall sweep to the north. If you will choose, you will be a part of that. But there are things that must be laid down, says the Lord.

I just want to share with you, I believe we’ve experienced where I’m from, one of these unusual miracles. I have a young couple that’s part of my worship group. Their names are Michael and Jess Ball. When you are at the capital tomorrow they will be at the capital of Mississippi in Jackson doing worship there in the rotunda there. I find that very interesting, the timing of it.  But they are expecting their first child. And just about a year ago they experienced a very tragic miscarriage. It is very wounding when those things come. And just recently they went in to the doctor and they thought at that point the doctor would do an ultrasound and maybe find out if it was going to be a boy or girl but the doctor decided not to do one. They were just going to listen to the heartbeat and evidently what they do these days is they put the heartbeat on a speaker so the parents can hear the heartbeat and as the doctor was checking Jess’s belly and looking for the heartbeat, music began to come through the speakers. Listen to me, and they thought it was just an interference picking up a different frequency. But finally she found the heartbeat and they listened to the heartbeat. But every time she would move back to the certain spot on Jess’s belly music would come forth and this is what the doctor said, ” you’ve got music coming out of your belly”. And I know that the couple that their whole life is music. Their whole life is the presence of God. Their whole life is the glory of God, and we have some great friends that, Ryan and Cindy Culpeper, from Mississippi. I was calling and talking to them, and they just had a lady who is 70 something years old and she went to her doctor because she was having heart problems and when he went to listen to her heart music came out. And this is such a year of music.  The dream Dutch had, I think it was one his daughter’s had.  In the dream she was called the music lady. And I’m just telling you, I just believe that’s the forerunner of some unusual miracles that’s going to begin to occur. And let me share with you, we need to pull on this. There’s something as they begin to sing about the cloud by day and the fire by night. We need to pull on this moment in Gods heart. Because I believe when you pull at those moments we can pull these signs and wonders down into manifestation, not just in this meeting but into this nation. How many of you want miracles in this nation? Listen, signs and wonders speak loudly when they are the real deal. I just want to give you some wisdom that I’m coming into. No longer are we going to be allowed to build ministries around manifestation. We steal his glory when we do that.  We steal his glory. And what we have to do is stir these manifestations so he gets the fullness of glory. So Regina I feel that you are supposed to lead us in prayer that we can pull on these miracles to come and to impact earth. How many of you sense the shifting. I sense something really shifting this morning.

The thing that the lord just showed was, he says, “what my people have to understand about the manifestations of my glory in Isaiah 60. As gross darkness covers the earth the Lord says there will be many adverse winds that come to this nation that will come at an accelerated rate and many will be looking for answers. The apostolic and the prophetic are the foundation to pull upon the cloud and the fire. and the Lord says there are going to be many gatherings like this. I see this all over the state Regina. The Lord says that’s our mandate as we move forward. For the Lord says I’m reproducing a people that can awaken a nation to the times and seasons of where we are in this situation. And it is through the miraculous and the signs and the wonders in which  I will gather a harvest. Not just on experience but understanding and seeing the glory of God. This is a very strategic moment , this is a very strategic time. And as you release this prayer it’s like I began to see us rank in file, he spoke in Joel chapter 2. It aligns us where God can get involved.

( Regina Shank) One thing I want to do before we release this prayer. What I saw was some of you, your worship note had shattered, and it was on the bottom of the sanctuary of your heart. You had lost your song because of circumstances. Alright, there are some of you in here. You know who you are. If you want to raise your hand you can, if you don’t I’m going to pray for you anyway. Anybody that applies to? Anyone who wants to admit it? Ok we got several. When you wake up in the morning there should be a song in your heart. There should be someone singing in there. Guess who that was. That was the Holy Spirit of God singing inside of you. I wake every morning with a song and if it isn’t there I repent for something because I want the worship song of God in my heart. When  God listens to my belly I want him to hear music and worship. So let’s get that restored. Say, ” Lord Jesus, I ask your forgiveness for yielding to my circumstances and allowing the enemy to steal my song. Restore worship in me today. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I’m going to hear worship, so restoration of worship is mine today. I will not be a spectator but I will worship for I am a worshiper, I am a worshiper, that’s who I am. I am a Worshiper. So restore my song.

Alright, are you ready now? We had to all get on the same page, amen? Lord we just pull down now the miraculous. Lord we thank you that heaven and earth are in agreement at this glory gate. Lord, no longer are we just going to preach and teach about the miraculous but we see the miraculous in this territory. We are going to begin to see people get out of wheel chairs. I’ve seen it in the spirit: people come in a wheel chair and they leave without it. I’ve seen it. We know it’s possible because God, with Him all things are possible.  Lord I thank you for the miraculous. I thank you for babies resurrecting. Thank you for people resurrecting even when they say life is gone but it’s you Lord God. You come in and breathe life into them. You give them life again. Lord I pray cancers are going to fall off and cancers are going to dissipate, and Lord I thank you that we are a cancer free zone. We do not want cancer, we do not have cancer, and we command cancer under our feet. Lord I thank you that you are healing our bodies and making us strong. Lord I thank you for 120 years of strength for each person. I thank you for the miraculous that you are going to manifest in our territory, signs and wonders. Come on, let’s sing it, Signs and wonders. Signs and wonders. Signs and wonders. Signs and wonders. Signs and wonders. (Repeated)

(Clash Nash) That word about Paul Revere was this, April 18, 1775 the Strong’s number 1775 in Greek is the word for “oneness”, and what i heard the Lord say when he began to sing was we are one. We will never win until we are one. And i want you to lead us into We are One.

(William Colman) Singing We Are One. 

(Clay Nash) In Psalms 133 it says how good it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.  It goes on to say and it speaks about Zion and then it says for there I command a blessing. In researching that text I found out that God doesn’t just command a blessing on unity, he commands the blessing on oneness. I want to paint you a picture; I’ve got it right here. Zion speaks of oneness. When you speak about the cave of Adullum it speaks about deliverance, those who are in debt, those in distress, those who were discontent gathered there. And then David, an apostle, became a leader over them. And the same group of ragtag misfits, just a few pages later, became mighty men and women of war. Then you move on that point toward Zion  and you do so, you head to Hebron. But you can’t get to Hebron unless you go by a place called Ziglag. And Ziglag was basically a winding trail which was cut off a cliff. And when they walked it, they would walk it just like they are lined up here. They had to put their backs up against the cliff wall and you walk sideways. And every man and woman there were tied together so if one fell it had the potential of saving that one’s life or pulling everyone down. And even in the middle east when you get to Hebron, it one of the highest points of elevation in the middle east. You can look and see Zion from Hebron. But see, Hebron is a place of development. You develop your ability to see. You develop your ability to walk as one. But Zion is a place of deployment. It speaks of his holy presence of God. It speaks of that presence we are looking for. I’m beginning to see it; we think about us being one and we speak about being one. I’m seeing right now that what Gods doing in this nation is we are moving to Hebron. But let me encourage you leaders. When we get to Hebron, we are going to be able to see Zion. It’s downhill from Hebron to Zion.  Be encouraged!   We need the presence of God with us, then we will be deployed to go do his will in the Earth. It’s time for an army. It time for the Ekklesia, as we heard a awhile ago, to be deployed; it’s time for the commissioning to take place so that you can go forth and accomplish it. If I can I want to speak blessing over everyone that’s here, but over this leadership that’s come forth that we are going to walk this treacherous place. How many of you feel that’s where we are at? It’s such an intensity of God. I don’t want to say a wrong word; I don’t want to make a wrong move and I don’t want to just do something because something needs to be done. I want to partner with what he is already doing.

And so Father I speak discernment, I speak the peace of God. I speak the wisdom of God. I hear the Lord say that what happens at Ziglag is you begin to move to that place of Hebron. That’s the place I marry the spirit in revelation together to where they become one as well.

And the Lord said “In this hour I’m calling you as leaders to a higher place. I’m calling you to a greater wisdom. I’m calling you to a place that you don’t execute truth in a manner that it will push people away, but you’ll have the wisdom to bring truth forth in a way that it becomes wisdom and it will begin to draw people in.” says the Lord “For this wisdom that is coming to this leadership will be a wisdom that will call those that are hungering for a truth to come but not be pushed away. For I’m releasing in the Earth a breakthrough of understanding.  Truth can be approached from many different directions.” said the Lord. “For i seek to deliver this nation. ” says the God “from a Greek mindset. I seek to deliver it from the ways they think that came out of Greek mythology. I’m seeking to bring you to that place  where i can move you into a place where my thoughts are truly your thoughts.” says the Lord. Father i bless these leaders. I come in agreement that this greater revelation and greater wisdom and the marrying of spirit and revelation is here today. And we just release that over them in Jesus name. 

(William Coleman) (Singing We Are One.) I hear the Lord speak right now and he is saying that there has been meeting after meeting after meeting after year after year after year. But the Lord is saying that right now that when we leave this meeting, just like the flame in the back that never goes out. God is saying that your flame will not go out this time. But it will not be a two week span where you are on fire for two weeks and all of a sudden it just dies down, but the flame will continue to burn. And as you go back to your cities, It’ll catch fire in your cities, it’ll catch fire in your family, catch fire in your schools, and catch fire in your businesses and the main reason is because, you are one.(singing You Are One)

(Regina Shank) Lord Jesus, hallelujah. Let’s just say it out, we are one. A few minutes before this, we had a powerful move of God in this place. We had a warfare tongue by Pastor Earl Ackley. He’s Native American, we could hear that in your tongue. He’s got the interpretation.

(Earl Ackley) I really felt that was like a rap song. You know the Holy Ghost can rap? And there is such a beautiful rainbow of colors up here. I just love it and it’s a reflection of what God is doing. A man shares an experience with Martin Luther. He got the revelation that the just shall live by faith. There was a monk in another part of Germany a couple months later, without an association with Martin Luther, that got the same revelation. What happened when Martin Luther received it he released something in the spirit realm that was able to be received by other people. Amen? And what’s happening here today with this reconciliation and this beautiful rainbow is releasing something in our state. There has been a lot of division in this state, a lot of distraction. But God said, “this is being released clear across Missouri. There is going to be reconciliation between the races like never before.”

(Regina Shank) And the nation, not just Missouri. It’s been released in the nation. 

(Clay Nash) And just before he shared that I heard the Lord say, ” I’m establishing in this group barrier breakers. And you probably know this but in 1954 Roger Banister ran the first 4 minute mile. But within 13 months of him breaking that barrier 30 some other people, I don’t know the exact number, broke the 4 minute mile. And what he is talking about, there are barriers being broken right now so others can step up to new levels. There are barriers being broken. You are barrier breakers, you are. Isaiah 8:18 says, ” as for you and your children you are for signs and wonders. And these signs and wonders are going to break barriers, Its going to bring walls down and the barriers are being broken.

(Regina Shank) But you must lay down your lives for the kingdom.  If you’ve laid down your life for my kingdom, the fire will start.  And it will grow and it will begin to spread throughout your life and your ministry.  It will spread into this region and things will change.  There will be a transformation.  God says I am going to clean away the old and I am going to bring forth the new.  The fire is here.  I will restore the fear of the Lord in this land and I decree to you tonight that you are my priests and you will teach my people the difference between the holy and the profane.  For I am a holy God.  Be holy as I am holy, says the Lord.  And the fear of the Lord will be restored.  Come forth my people and decree the holiness of your God.  Be holy as I am holy.

(Enos Chamberlain) For the Lord says, even tonight I am birthing a move.  The Lord says, I am birthing a move.  The Lord says, I am birthing my glory even tonight.  For the Lord says, there will be many moves of refreshing and the Lord says, revival will begin to break out.  The Lord says, in the school, God says, there’s going to be an outbreak even in this region.  For the Lord says, even tonight, there’s a shift in the generations.  Three generations are aligning with heaven, and the Lord says, my power is being released in a new way, says the Lord.  God says, tonight I’ve placed you in time, I’ve placed you in season, and now the Lord says, I am birthing forth in this day.  The Lord says, there’s a new cry, there’s a new sound that’s being released in the regions.  And the Lord says tonight that truly my light shall shine, and the Lord says, I am causing even a great going forth, even the wind of my Spirit.  I see denominations and I see walls of the last season come down, says the Lord.  I am breaking the spirit of territorialism, says the Lord.  And the Lord says even tonight, I am beginning to mend my people.  I am beginning to shape my people in the way they that they should look in the days ahead.  The Lord says, rejoice tonight.  For the Lord says, you abide in the beat of my heart.  And the Lord says, I’m beginning to move in a new and dynamic way among my leaders. The Lord says, Leaders, hear the Word of the Lord tonight.  God says, my leaders are going to begin to move differently from this night forward, says the Lord.  And the Lord says, my glory shall go before you.  And the Lord says, you will meet in new ways.  You will communicate in new ways.  And the Lord says, my tabernacle shall be established in this generation, says the Lord.

(Regina Shank) And I saw the pioneering spirit being released through that song.  Lord, we receive deliverance from fear!  We receive a pioneering spirit to press in and be the reformers for this nation.  God. I thank you that reformation is here because it’s carried in us.  And Lord, we release it into this nation.

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