What we believe

Reformer’s Creed by Dr. Patti Amsden

I believe that God created the heaven and the earth,
Formed Man in Adam and Eve after His image, and
Commissioned Adam as original head of the Human race
With the dominion mandate unto the full glorification of the earth.

Adam, being tempted of Satan, transgressed the Word of God by willful disobedience and
Disrupted man’s relationship with God, Incurred sin’s penalty which is death,
Corrupted man’s nature and precipitated the curse upon a fallen cosmos.

I believe that God, in order to redeem both the sinner and the creation from the curse
Sent for his only Son, Jesus, the Last Adam who bore sin’s penalty in His crucifixion,
Defeated death by His resurrection, Inherited humanity’s forfeited throne in His ascension,
and now rules as King over all the earth.

I believe the Church, empowered by the Holy Spirit and commissioned with the cultural mandate,
is charged to Proclaim the gospel to the lost, Disciple all nations,
Advance the Kingdom into all human institutions, and Shape the foundation of future generations
Until all aspects of life are dedicated to the glory of God.